Saturday, December 14, 2013

Evening // Formal Dress : FAIR LADY


LINGGA Dress. IDR. 755.000 (Full Lining)

YOURA Dress . IDR. 755.000

ROSCHA Dress IDR. 525.000

FOWLA Dress IDR. 525.000

Available at La MOIE , fX Sudirman Plaza 4th Floor #24
Riamiranda X Jenahara Bandung
Le Jameela Makasar

ONLINE Order 088809919824 (sms and whatsapp)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

AW 2013 Collection : Fair Lady


COCO dress


COLLETA Blouse (Available in PEACH and BLUE)

LOELA Dress (Available in BEIGE and CREAM)
Shoes from Witashooz
Find us at La MOIE fX Plaza Sudirman 4th Floor #24
Le Jameela MAKASAR
Riamiranda X Jenahara Jl. Buah Batu Bandung

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dionne Dress IDR 750.000 / Material: Cerutti Jersey

Eure Blouse IDR 350.000 / Material Katun Leather

Aggie Blouse IDR 450.000 / Material Cotton stretch

Alena Dress IDR 675.000 / Material Wool Cerutti Leather

Elora Dress IDR 750.000/ Material Rayon

IVY Blazer IDR 600.000 / Material leather

AKIA PRIER is an exclusive line of AKIA
This design inspired by rusty colour that come from Romantic Island of Greece and also from it's beautiful antique garden landscape.Greece is an island known for it's God Myths,therefore we create a collection that has a romantic rusty colour yet strong and independent style that represent them.

Size (in cm)
Waist       76
Bust         92
Dress Length   140
Panjang tangan  60

To Order(Open PO):
Please drop your orders and inquiries through:
SMS: +6282113546088 (SMS Only)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pioneer Collection

Chiasa Dress Cream IDR450.000

Namisa Dress IDR400.000

Loela Top (Black)IDR 250.000& Kikoru Pants (Pink) IDR 225.000

 Amalila Top (Pink)IDR 250.000& Alydra pants IDR245.000

Ayra Blazer (Green)IDR275.000 & Kikoru Pants ( Black)IDR225.000

Rolla Top IDR 375.000

 Namisha dress IDR 400.000

Miura Cardi IDR 325.000

Aika Top Purple IDR 285000

Noaru Top IDR 325.000

Loela top IDR 250.000 & Shinara Skirt IDR 325.000


     All the collection will soon available at,Ardelle Market,and La Moie fx Mall Jakarta.
     Info :

Photographed by Khemal M.
Accesories Fleur by Febby.
MUA by Dian Ayu